Linen Management

CORE leverages its technological capabilities to enhance linen management in healthcare facilities, ensuring efficient operations and quality service. Our sophisticated systems contribute to over 220 million pounds of laundry processing annually.

Technological Capabilities

At CORE Linen Services, we leverage advanced technology to streamline and enhance our healthcare laundry processing services. Our technological capabilities ensure that your linen management is efficient, transparent, and of the highest quality.

Pulse Surveys

Our Pulse Surveys technology meticulously monitors every step of the linen management process, ensuring seamless operation from start to finish.


The Acuity compliance dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all conducted surveys, offering critical insights into compliance levels.

Positek RFID

Our Positek RFID system revolutionizes laundry management by providing precise tracking, sorting, and inventory solutions, significantly boosting productivity.


LinenMaster delivers exceptional control over linen management, tracking every phase of the process for unparalleled efficiency.

Quality Dashboards

Our Quality Dashboards offer a detailed overview of survey data collected by Strategic Account Managers, highlighting our commitment to excellence.

Plant KPI Dashboards

Plant KPI Dashboards provide a thorough examination of linen management processes, reflecting our dedication to operational excellence and quality.


GeoTab technology offers real-time fleet management solutions, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of our delivery services.

Strategic Account Manager

Our Strategic Account Managers play a pivotal role in ensuring client satisfaction and operational excellence. They conduct end user surveys, analyze linen utilization, and develop collaborative action plans based on leadership business reviews, client visits, and quality audits. Additionally, they foster linen awareness through committees and conduct par & linen loss reviews, ensuring our services are perfectly aligned with our clients' needs.