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CORE Linen Services delivers superior hospitality linen services. We set the gold standard in linen management for exclusive accommodations. We understand the discerning needs of the luxury hotel sector and offer unparalleled linen services that emphasize sophistication, durability, and the ultimate comfort for guests.

Unrivaled Quality and Hygiene Standards

In the dynamic world of high-end hospitality, exceptional quality and hygiene are paramount. CORE's cutting-edge facilities utilize sophisticated laundering techniques alongside stringent hygiene protocols. Each piece of linen undergoes thorough sanitization and inspection. This ensures it adheres to the most exacting standards of cleanliness and luxury. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that our partners in the luxury hotel industry receive linens that are not only spotless but also embody elegance and safety for their esteemed guests.

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Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

Acknowledging the varied and specific needs of luxury accommodations, CORE provides bespoke linen services. Our selection includes premium bed linens, robes, and spa essentials designed to enhance guest experience with unparalleled comfort and functionality.

We engage closely with hospitality professionals to grasp their unique demands, offering solutions that seamlessly integrate with their high standards of service. This personalized service is a testament to our dedication to the ethos of luxury hospitality.

Sustainability in Linen Management

CORE is committed to sustainability within our high-end hospitality linen services. By adopting green laundering practices, we minimize water and energy use without sacrificing quality. Our initiatives not only preserve the environment but also align with the sustainability ambitions of the luxury hotels we partner with. Choosing CORE means partnering with a service mindful of its impact on the planet.

Expanding Our Premium Service

While our expertise is deeply rooted in serving the luxury hotel sector, our commitment to quality, hygiene, sustainability, and customized solutions shines in every aspect of our linen management services.

Areas We Serve

Victor Kramer

Respected worldwide

An innovative leader in linen and laundry management and consulting since 1939, Victor Kramer has brought quality, efficiency and financial benefits to over 1,000 customers. Its experience is unrivaled, having designed, built, modernized and managed laundries for hospitals, hotels, businesses and governments around the world. No one does it more—or does it better.

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CORE’s hospitality linen services stand as a paragon of excellence, quality, and bespoke care. We are a beacon of high standards in the luxury hotel linen management, consistently maintaining our commitment to superiority.

Opt for CORE for linen services that truly capture the essence of luxury hospitality and set a new benchmark in exceptional service. Contact us at 980-337-4991 or via email to discover more about our premium offerings!